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Better potatoes from advanced biotech

Potatoes for food security

In recent years potatoes have become the world’s most important non-cereal food crop. They can provide more food per hectare than any other major crop.

This is why China and India have become the world’s largest producers. Where the climate permits, potatoes make exceptionally efficient use of land, water and fertilisers.

Potatoes are also highly nutritious – far more so than corn (maize), rice and wheat. They not only supply carbohydrates but also essential minerals, vitamins and fibre.

The world market for potatoes is changing and complex. Consumers want potatoes that taste good, are safe to eat, are convenient to use - and don’t sprout in the larder … more >

Better potato varieties are needed by




The environment

The UN estimates that overall world food production will need to increase at least 60% by 2050* if widespread food shortages are to be avoided. Better varieties of potatoes can make an enormous contribution to this.
Ref: FAO report on future food demand and supply - June 2013